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Virtual Worlds: Yay or Nay?

21 Jun

Virtual worlds are often related to idealistic applications in education. Or rather any application that contains “virtual” in it’s name, are categorized so.

In my previous employment, I got the opportunity to work on multiple virtual world projects. Majority of those were for the education sector. It was very refreshing to see that at least a handful of educational institutes here in Singapore, understand it’s demand and are investing time, money and manpower in building “fantasy worlds” to engage their learners in challenging topics.

Last week I was involved in a serious discussion to roll-out some form of virtual world project in my current workplace. There were lots of areas we spoke about but the following were the key points:-

  • How does the 3rd dimension help in learning?
  • What does the 3rd dimension do that 2-dimensions are not able to do?
  • In what situations do we deploy virtual worlds?
  • Virtual worlds should not be mirror worlds. They should be “fantasy worlds” that allow you to perform tasks that you are not able to do so in the real world.
  • How do we leap from our current level?
  • How do learners construct and demonstrate knowledge in a 3D virtual environment?

Lots of thinking went into this whole conversation. And the conclusion was, we will give it a go but the first impression will either make or break the situation. I totally agree!

Currently, very hard at work. Preparing the best I can. But I am going to share with you some stuff so that if such a need arises for you (or else you can always create the need right?), you know where/how to start…

Virtual worlds were created using OpenWonderland