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I ♥ London but…

30 Aug

the transportation is crazy!

They have wayyyy too many lines and stations and it makes me wonder why do we complain about the peak hour rush at our MRT stations when it’s seriously better than my experience with London’s underground service. If I had to quote one incident, it will be what took place on Day 2. It was a Sunday and we were off to watch The Lion King musical. We had to alight at Covent Garden station and there was a major crowd at 4pm on a Sunday (but then again, London is perpetually crowded)! We were desperately gasping for air due to the poor ventilation in the train and at the station. To make things worse, to get out of the station, we needed to take a lift which had a snaking queue. In order not to waste time, we decided to head for the stairs just to realize we had to climb 193 steps!!! In short, the whole journey to the theater was a bad one and the 1st 15mins of the musical was gone in trying to fix my mental state.

The following days were not getting any better since we had to keep switching between the overground and underground services several times to get to each destination. Lots of time were spent in reading the 2D maps, planning routes, asking for directions, finding the nearest stations, checking the status of the services, etc. It was times like these that I wished I had a data connection so that I could just use the ‘Nearest Tube‘ app on my iphone!

Hope to spot a similar (free) app in iTunes store for SBS and SMRT services soon…

P.S. I am in the midst of compiling my fav AR iPhone apps. Look out for the page 😉