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Adding the “Social” touch to Google Apps

14 Dec

Wanna give it a go? Click here.

When Creative Media meets Google Apps…

13 Dec

Walk the talk or Talk the walk?

6 Dec

A lesson learnt today…

During this morning’s retreat, we had break-out sessions and were expected to share using flip chart. Since our data is captured in Google Form, we wanted to merely put together the summary of responses and present.

Using my iPad…

Plan A: Create Google Presentation and insert the screenshots
Outcome: Only able to create Google Docs & Spreadsheets on the iPad

Plan B: Create a PowerPoint presentation using DocsToGo and insert the screenshots
Outcome: Only able to create a text-based presentation using the app

Plan C: Create a post in my WordPress blog and insert the screenshots
Outcome: Post created had no images

Plan D: Create a post in my Posterous blog via email and attach screenshots
Outcome: Only 5 images can be attached each time!

In the end…

We did the slides on the presenter’s notebook!

It’s easy to talk about the wonders of iPad and how it transformed my life now that I email, blog, etc on-the-go and have chucked my netbook in a corner and how everyone should just get an iPad and do everything on it! Epic fail!

Moral of the story: Walk the talk, THEN talk the walk! I guess “do everything on it” came a little too early when I’ve yet to execute the “everything” myself.

Next on the agenda: Try to get Plan C working! This explains my text-only entry as this was composed on my iPad.