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Gearing up!

2 Dec

*clears cob webs*

Finally back to blogging! Tight deadlines and large volume of projects took a toll on me. Sooo much to share in this space so I am going to do this bit by bit 🙂

First and foremost it’s December and as we’re getting ready to let out hair down and party (that very much explains the Christmas-y ambiance via the “snow flakes” in here), there are some hurdles to clear *gulps*

A recent project pave a path for me to discover and explore Edmodo. For those of you who’ve yet to discover Edmodo, think of it as a FB-style secured social networking + micro-blogging tool for education. For me, in short, it’s simply one of the most easy to use LMS-replacement.


An online classroom communications tool for teachers and students to share Notes, Files, links, and assignments similar to Twitter or Facebook.


  • Simple for teacher to create account and set up page
  • Easy student/parent registration
  • Allows you to upload documents for students/parents
  • Allows students to hand in assignments electronically
  • Allows you to grade online
  • Teacher can message students individually
  • Has ability for “forum” type online discussions
  • Allows teachers to make groups easily for each class
  • Can send mass messages across groups
  • Calendar will show assignments with links to document
  • And…. easily embed artifacts created using many other Web 2.0 tools within Edmodo!

Embedded Prezi

Embedded VoiceThread



Interested? Here’s a video link on how to get started:

Currently, I’m exploring the possibility of using Edmodo for my personal ePortfolio – showcasing projects I’ve worked on for mid-term appraisal review. Hopefully, in time to come, I do not get succumbed to using other platforms and am able to share my experience on using Edmodo for my ePortfolio.

Looking forward to a fruitful Edmodo journey…