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Wikipedia + Geotag = Cyclopedia vs Wikitude

20 Sep

A few weeks back, I came across the Cyclopedia and Wikitude apps in iTunes Store and clicked buy (Cyclopedia costs $1.99 whereas Wikitude is FREE) the moment I read their description and saw the screenshots. Well, it took me this long to try out the apps and share the goodness because of the poor performance of my iPhone3G which was running on iOS4.1! Anyway, let’s put the past aside (Yes! I am a iPhone4 user now!) and focus on the apps, shall we?

Cyclopedia is an iPhone app that uses iPhone’s inbuilt compass and GPS to trigger the Wikipedia entries that are geotagged and display on the user’s iPhone screen.

To add GPS coord to a wiki page, use the template provided by Wikipedia and it’s as easy as that to get the information to be displayed using the Cyclopedia app!

Here’s a video that demonstrates what this app does…

Here are 3 crucial enhancements (i.e. in my opinion as a user) I am proposing:-
  1. App could push notifications to user on nearby mostly visited/viewed places of interest
  2. Introduce more reliable sources instead of just source from Wikipedia. User could then select his/her choice of source of information.
  3. Go 2-way instead of 1-way or static by allowing users to add locations/information/related media that do not exist on any of the sources.

With these enhancements, this app will certainly allow collaborative learning to take place anytime, anywhere.

Wikitude is an iPhone, Android and Nokia app that uses the phone’s inbuilt compass and GPS to trigger information from various sources including Wikipedia that are geotagged and display on the user’s iPhone screen.

Wikitude interface is not as friendly compared to Cyclopedia but has a lot more data and is more accessible for users to add data to (talking about 2-way and collaborative learning).  Wikitude lets anyone add POI (Points of Interest) to the Augmented Reality app through a dead-simple interface at Wikitude.me (I added my workplace!) and it’s as easy as A-B-C!

Watch how to do it here…

It’s because Wikitude is open to user generated content that I find it the most feasible for collaborative mLearning.

Hopefully the technology for mobile AR apps will continue to improve and our want/need list increases accordingly 🙂


ARE you ready for Prezi?

9 Aug

A recent team building retreat (coined as Rethink, Relook & Revise by boss) session provided me a golden opportunity to present on the topic “Augmented Reality in Education (ARE)” to my team members. After tons of planning, I decided to ditch PPT for Prezi. During the preparation phase, I did re-visit PPT on 2 occasions, but eventually I managed to pull through with Prezi!

Summary: Introduction on AR in Education +Xtranormal used for a light-hearted video + Prezi as the presentation tool! Phew! It was a tough thing to do but I’m glad I managed to present it as 1-piece 🙂

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Goggling not Googling

16 Jul

The marriage between Goggles & AR will be a match made in heaven! If Goggles allows us to go back in time and view the historical images and information of a landmark or object with the aid of AR, it will be phenomenal!

Moo Vision

13 Jul

Imagine unlocking different levels/ranks and earning points (B & J pints? 😉 ) as you share/contribute information using an AR app… good to have in education!

Did I just hear you say ‘Augmented Reality’?

9 Jul

I created a small introduction video to add some humor to a presentation on AR for coming Friday’s meeting. It’s still WIP. Will try to upload the 10-min presentation stuff to this space when it’s more or less concrete.

But in the meantime, this video should be an introduction to yet another interesting tool. Try Xtranormal 😉

TGIF… Have fun folks!

Augmented Reality (AR): An Unexplored Domain

1 Jun

Wouldn’t it be great to have interactive 3D objects appear from the pages of our textbooks?

Personally, I know AR is going to “explode” one very fine day. When? Where? How? I am not too sure but mark my words 🙂

Let me share with you what my group of friends and I have achieved in this arena…


Want to explore on your own? Google is your friend 🙂 (hint: ARToolKit)