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ARE you ready for Prezi?

9 Aug

A recent team building retreat (coined as Rethink, Relook & Revise by boss) session provided me a golden opportunity to present on the topic “Augmented Reality in Education (ARE)” to my team members. After tons of planning, I decided to ditch PPT for Prezi. During the preparation phase, I did re-visit PPT on 2 occasions, but eventually I managed to pull through with Prezi!

Summary: Introduction on AR in Education +Xtranormal used for a light-hearted video + Prezi as the presentation tool! Phew! It was a tough thing to do but I’m glad I managed to present it as 1-piece 🙂

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Goggling not Googling

16 Jul

The marriage between Goggles & AR will be a match made in heaven! If Goggles allows us to go back in time and view the historical images and information of a landmark or object with the aid of AR, it will be phenomenal!

Moo Vision

13 Jul

Imagine unlocking different levels/ranks and earning points (B & J pints? 😉 ) as you share/contribute information using an AR app… good to have in education!

Did I just hear you say ‘Augmented Reality’?

9 Jul

I created a small introduction video to add some humor to a presentation on AR for coming Friday’s meeting. It’s still WIP. Will try to upload the 10-min presentation stuff to this space when it’s more or less concrete.

But in the meantime, this video should be an introduction to yet another interesting tool. Try Xtranormal 😉

TGIF… Have fun folks!

Augmented Reality (AR): An Unexplored Domain

1 Jun

Wouldn’t it be great to have interactive 3D objects appear from the pages of our textbooks?

Personally, I know AR is going to “explode” one very fine day. When? Where? How? I am not too sure but mark my words 🙂

Let me share with you what my group of friends and I have achieved in this arena…


Want to explore on your own? Google is your friend 🙂 (hint: ARToolKit)