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Digital Storytelling in 7 Lines: A Creative Challenge

16 Jun

Create yours today at !

When Google meets Microsoft…

28 May

Hello 2011!

17 Jan

This is coming a little too late. But, hey, we can technically wish one another “happy new year” till the end of January right? 😉

The end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011 has been a (yet another) very hectic period. Parties Projects has kept me very much on the toes. Have been exploring new stuff and keeping myself updated with new developments in some areas I’ve been working on.

For an upcoming project, my colleagues and I are venturing into mobile web app development. Loads to learn and pick-up during a short period of time. Project officially starts in March but we have to get the planning and other docs going before the actual development takes place.

That being said, first and foremost is to get the mock-up going. The designer (a genius!) discovered a great wireframe toolkit that helps a great deal especially when we need a mock-up that facilitates some collaboration work. Yes, the keyword – COLLABORATION! We are using a Google Drawing wireframe template for iPhone courtesy of Morten Just.



You can find the his list of templates here.

Thank you Morten Just but our prayer has only been 1/2 answered. Make us a wireframe template for the iPad, please.

Adding the “Social” touch to Google Apps

14 Dec

Wanna give it a go? Click here.

When Creative Media meets Google Apps…

13 Dec

Oh no! Google waves goodbye to Google Wave!

9 Aug

Slow adoption or no adoption, Google Wave left a deep impression on me. In fact, I am in the midst of working on a ELL project using Google Wave. Despite the steep learning curve, I was/am convinced this tool has high potential in the education arena. Due to the project’s requirement, unfortunately, I have to find an alternative! *sigh*

R.I.P Google Wave \m/

Goggling not Googling

16 Jul

The marriage between Goggles & AR will be a match made in heaven! If Goggles allows us to go back in time and view the historical images and information of a landmark or object with the aid of AR, it will be phenomenal!

Meet the Google Doodlers

9 Jul