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2 March 2011: Come see what 2011 will be the year of…

24 Feb


The rumor lately is that a 7″ model is on its way to sit right beside the current 9″ model, and due to Apple’s resolution independence and growing number of developers, a new size won’t cause many issues beyond a few optimizations that have to happen from App Store developers to make things look perfect. For the most part, Apple’s going to make sure most apps “just work.”

The new screen size will help iPad reach a lower price point for consumers and compete with the Amazon Kindle in size and price. Soon, an iPad with thousands of apps will sit along-side the Kindle nicely and make Amazon drop its price even lower to compete.


You can be sure that Apple’s Retina Display, or something very close, will make its way to iPad. More and more iPhone 4 users are telling me that they use the iPhone over iPad because of the beautiful screen and how the iPad just feels empty and flat. This is an inevitable upgrade that is going to force us early adopters who own an iPad and iPhone 4 to jump in line. That screen is addictive and we want it.


Apple’s FaceTime making its way to the next generation iPod touch (via a front-facing camera) and Macs (by the way of a software update) seem like logical steps, but what about iPad? Steve’s promise of “millions of FaceTime devices by the end of the year” is starting to sound empty as we approach September, but it’s this month that we’ll see more of those “millions” of devices available to the public when new iPods and a new iPad is released.

In Apple’s latest iOS betas, you can FaceTime someone based on their email address so devices that aren’t phones (everything but iPhone) will be able to use FaceTime no problem. This is when things really start getting interesting


I’m doubtful of this one but it’s worth mentioning in this post. Apple generally waits two to three refreshes before redoing the overall hardware of its devices, but a thinner iPad may be in line that mimics much of Apple’s iPhone 4. Squaring off the design would help the device lay flat, but would also make it more susceptible to scratches. I’ve long wanted an iPad bumper case to help in the event of a drop and wish Apple would move away fromsteel aluminum as it’s so darn slippery. This is a maybe as Apple can legitimately call this a second generation iPad without modifying the outer shell. Of course, if it’s releasing a smaller screen size, it might be a good idea to change things up a bit to throw off the competition. We’ll see.



Pocket University: iTunesU FTW

23 Jul

Toy with Holo says “HoloToy”

22 Jul

Everything and anything  is possible with “i” 😉

iPhone 4 sale next Friday — The Straits Times Blogs

22 Jul

FRIDAY July 30: That’s when Apple’s iPhone 4 will hit the shelves here.

All three telcos here will be selling it, although only SingTel and StarHub will sell it on July 30. M1 has not confirmed when it will carry the iPhone 4 in its inventory.

Read more…  iPhone 4 sale next Friday — The Straits Times Blogs.

Downgrading is my choice!

14 Jul

After the the release of iOS4, I got carried away in excitement and updated my iPhone 3G’s firmware. Like this was not bad enough, I jailbroke it and was very proud of multi-tasking and etc on my 3G. FAILURE!

It was the biggest mistake ever. I thought I could deal with the waiting time (approx. 7 – 8 secs just to load messages) but eventually, I threw in the towel and downgraded to iOS3.1.3.

It’s WIP now, syncing apps and what-nots. Unfortunately, it wasn’t exactly easy as I had issues with getting out of the recovery mode. So I am going to share with you what worked for me and please note, I am using a Windows Vista machine.

Hope it does the magic for you too 🙂

Step 1:

Download the 3.1.3 IPSW file from here >> iPhone1,2_3.1.3_7E18_Restore.ipsw

After this download iReb from

Step 2:

  1. Plug in your iPhone.
  2. Power it down by holding the power button and sliding to power off.
  3. Once it’s powered down, press and hold both the power button and the home button for ten seconds.
  4. After ten seconds, release the power button but continue holding down the home button.
  5. If you did it right, iTunes will pop up a window telling you that it’s detected an iPhone in recovery mode and your iPhone’s screen will be black. If it didn’t work, start from the beginning and try again.

Step 3:

Discard the alert that you’re in recovery mode. Click on the iPhone under Devices sidebar in iTunes -> hold Shift -> click the Restore button (if you’re on OS X, Alt/Opt+Click). A pop-up a window prompting you to choose a file appears. Browse and locate the 3.1.3 IPSW you downloaded in step 1. Select that file, and iTunes will start the OS restore process. Expect this to take around 10 minutes or so.

After it’s done, you may get an error message (error 1015) and your iPhone will boot up with a “Connect to iTunes” screen. Run iReb, to remove Recovery Mode loop (you need LibUSB to run this so follow the step-by-step instructions very very carefully esp if you are using Win Vista or 7 as I got stuck here sooo many times and ended up all my USB ports were not functioning). In a few seconds, iReb would help you out of plug-me-into-iTunes recovery mode and you’ll boot right into your freshly downgraded 3.1.3.

Step 4:

Your installation process ends here. If you have kept your back ups of 3.1.3 then you may restore them (you will not be able to restore if your back-ups are for 4.0) and your old apps and stuff will come to life otherwise you got to start from a clean slate and sync the whole lot just like what I am doing this very moment!


25 Jun

A casual lunch conversation drove me to search for the right tool/method to create iBooks for iPad. At one point of time, I was searching for tools to create “flip-able” PDFs to launch in the iPad’s browser. I know, silly me!

I was officially proven a  bigger fool when I installed iOS4 on my iphone, got the iBooks app running and then figured out you don’t need an iPhone or iPad app programmer to create iBooks! Very certain about my discovery, I made YouTube my new best friend (Google is now 2nd on the list – words vs vid war)! I searched on vids to “create iBook” and voila! It was as easy as A-B-C!!! Ok I’m lying. It’s easier than A-B-C 😉

The guy who showed me the path…

Then it went on to further searching (using best friend #2) for WIN users…

And I found eCub! Now I can galdly say it’s tested & proven! The iBook appears on the shelf – check, I see the cover page – check aaannnndddd the pages flip – CHECK! Neat.

Just before posting this entry, I made another discovery – ePub Bud. Read that you can download e-books or iBooks directly from this site too. Have not tested but I guess it should work…

Another option would be to use software like Adobe InDesign but just be mindful about the layout, size and stuff. Pretty cumbersome in my opinion but to each his own 🙂

To make this whole story short, as long as you can convert your materials to epub format, you-make-iBooks!

If I can do it, so can you!

Order Roti Prata using an iPad? Coming to a Kopi Shop near you!

4 Jun