Saying Hello to ePortfolio

25 Oct

Since March this year, I have been working on ePortfolios at work. In my previous employment, ePortfolio was a big project but I was not part of it simply because it was not my area of specialization. But I am glad I got my hands dirty now as the experience helps in developing my own ePortfolio.

I’ve got stuff up and about everywhere in WWW so got to stitch up the various patches into a beautiful piece of quilt that I can use when the need arises.

In quilt making, there are no absolute rules to follow and quilters are constantly changing the rules by developing new, and time-saving, ways to accomplish the same tasks. Likewise, in ePortfolio creation, there are no hard and fast rules. Basically, whatever that works for you!

So what works for me?

It wasn’t too many years ago that quilters marked fabric using templates and cut out every patch with a pair of scissors and that’s exactly what I am going for – a flexible and open platform that uses templates to help me determine how my ePortfolio is going to be presented.

Some other platforms I am considering…

  • Facebook
  • Google Apps
  • Posterous

So what’s your choice?


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